The trip across Mc Murdo Sound sea ice to Cape Evans

30th December, 2015

With the Antarctic field training now complete it was time to think about visiting the historic huts. The weather forecast looks brilliant so tomorrow is the day we head out to Scotts Terra Nova hut which is situated 35 km North of Scott Base at Cape Evans.


Passing the Eastern side of Mt Erebus on a perfect day. Magic !

The mode of transport will be by Hagglunds. The two hour trip from Scott Base to Cape Evans takes us across the sea ice in Mc Murdo Sound. Get this, the sea ice is only 2 meters thick and is still safe to travel over in the Hagglund’s when only 600mm thick. Cape Evans is one of the many spurs of land that protrude out from Mt Erebus.



Crossing the Mc Murdo Sound sea ice on the way Cape Evans. The ice is only two metres thick.




Left to right, Richie – Antarctic Field Trainer, Matt and Paula from L.I.N.Z