Shackleton’s lair

6th July, 2016


Once I had entered Nimrod hut, the contents had my focus of attention. Painting subjects galore. Another long night was looming. Sleeping was wasting precious time. The urge to start photographing and sketching had to be checked as now it was time to stop, pause and soak it in. Once again I am thinking what a huge privilege it is to stand here alone in this tiny hut that represents one of the most extraordinary chapters in modern exploration history. The memory will endure for years to come. Some things we never forget. This is ‪Shackleton‬.


Hours of photographing. All night as well…no sleeping here.



The famous Mrs Sam coal range.


DSC00703 2a

Very personal. I wonder which explorer they belonged to.


DSC00650 2a

I was looking through this window thinking how many times they must have done the same thing and dreamt of the green fields back home.


DSC00613 2a

Nothing would have changed.



Time for a break.