My thoughts as I entered Scott’s Terra Nova hut

9th January, 2016


Scott's Terra Nova Hut and the SW side of Mt Erebus.

Scott’s Terra Nova Hut and the SW side of Mt Erebus.

Some parts of the building were very dark and then there were pockets of light where the bright sunshine was streaming through the small windows which high lighted certain parts of the hut. There was no colour. Very subdued. The scene was sad and oppressive. The silence, yes the silence just the sound of the odd Skua which is not exactly the most elegent bird call. Almost Crow like. The absolute quiet. It’s cold.



Officers table at far end separated by food boxes from the enlisted men’s table.

Running through my head are the stories of hardship and death. You get the scene. Then I begin to focus on the thousands of artifacts that will become my focus of attention. The sadness within this place is everywhere. They ( the men) were here, definitely here. Its strange, I don’t think so much about Scott but “Birdie” Bowers enters my head again. I think its because he was a strong character and quite recognisable with his big nose. As though he is still here, because the hut is like a time capsule. Maybe he has gone for a walk. He has gone, but his spirit is still here close by.


The kitchen with stove.

The Kitchen with stove.

Once I got to know the hut I felt better. Scott was here for a reason, not only to reach the South Pole. The way the hut was set up allowed for numerous scientific research projects and other projects for the good of exploration and research. It seemed every square inch of the hut had a purpose.