Arriving at Scotts Terra Nova hut

31st December, 2015

I finally made it. Im here at last. As the we approached Cape Evans, I couldn’t see the hut as it seemed to blend in against the black volcanic rock. Then there she was. Dwarfed by the mighty Mt Erebus.


Terra Nova hut dwarfed by Mt Erebus.

My first impression was that the hut didn’t belong here in a odd sought of way. I think it was because there is absolutely nothing here, no hint of civilization at all and one simply doesn’t expect to see any hint of civilisation. Then I see the hut, looking forlorn and lonely, but at the same time a powerful monument that represents the spirit of adventure and the men of men who sacrificed so much to lay the foundation for science and exploration in this continent as we know it today.



In memory of the three explorers who perished on the sea ice and Ross Barrier 1916.